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The Beira Patrol: 849 D Flt, HMS EAGLE 1966 - “Come on, you can hack it!”

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Peter Randall has very kindly provided a ’dit’ about the 71 days 849 D Flt flew in support of the Beira Patrol in 1966; a little known operation but the last real fixed-wing operation conducted by the Squadron. Firstly, a little background on the Beira blockades for those not familiar (I wasn’t!)

The Royal Navy established the Beira Patrol in March 1966 to block oil shipments to Rhodesia via Mozambique, after the UN Security Council passed Resolution 217 following the Rhodesian government’s declaration of independence from the UK in November 1965. The patrol lasted until 1975 with 76 Royal Navy frigates, destroyers and aircraft carriers contributing (along with RAF Shackleton aircraft until 1971).

Peter’s memories from the time.