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PAF spent 36 years in the RN having joined Dartmouth in 1955 at the age of 16. He served in the Med Fleet in HMS EAGLE the cruiser HMS BIRMINGHAM and in the home waters in the Fishery Protection Squadron. PAF was then pressed into flying due to a serious shortage of Observers. 
He joined 849 NAS, with its new Gannets, in 1961 and sailed with HMS CENTAUR for the exotic East and Singapore. These were exciting times with a modern aircraft entering service in a large fleet, maintaining a presence over the globe.  The Med and Far East were regular stomping grounds on long colourful deployments. He embarked from Brawdy as Senior Observer of A Flt in HMS VICTORIOUS during its last commission in the Far East in 1966/67. Also in 1967 while in HMS HERMES he was involved in the show of force to subdue the uprising in Aden, but to no avail. 
PAF converted to ASW in 1968 and joined 820 NAS with its 12 Wessex Mk1s in HMS EAGLE. This was an aircraft with a 2000 yd pencil beam sonar and no radar - a severe horizon for someone accustomed to AEW radar! He became Senior Observer of 820 and deployed to the Far East in HMS BLAKE. 
His last time at sea was in the Dartmouth Training Ship, HMS FEARLESS, from 1972-1975.  PAF also enjoyed a year in India on Staff Course and 3 years in Denmark on NATO Ops Staff. 
After an absence of almost 20 years, PAF’s final appointment was back at 849 NAS as project manager for the Mission Trainer. In 1991 he retired from the RN and was appointed MBE.

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