Finals, Four Greens - the story a painting

Mike Cole-Hamilton has provided this thread from World Naval Ships Forum (now defunct). It’s an exchange between himself and Jim Rae and tells the story of a painting by Jim that now hangs in Mike’s office in Kingston, Ontario - ‘Finals, Four Greens’. The thread also answers the hypothetical question - could the Gannet conduct VERTREP or a mail drop??????????

Mike, here's one for you, I did a while back, not quite right on the nose, and u/c, but I like the pose so might do a proper one.


Oh Jim! Waves of nostalgia! And an H on the tail too! Thank you so much. If you ever do redo it, please let me know. Meanwhile, that's a smasher!

Mike PS: just remembered this (photo) from my log book. Taken during Hermes FD Trials, July '66.