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Baggers roll back the years!! (Thales Farewell visit Jul 18)

29 years after first visiting Thorn EMI (now Thales) 3 observers from 849 NAS have re-created the moment with a visit to Thales at their Crawley site to mark the end of Sea King AEW. Lt Cdrs Ronnie Biggs, Dicky Lewis and Robbie Holden first visited the producers of the Sea King Mk2 mission system in 1989 as part of 849 NAS A Flt. A little greyer, with a few more wrinkles the trio have amassed almost 14000 flying since then.  On this visit they were accompanied by their Senior Pilot Lt Cdr Ian Chudley and Senior Observer Lt Cdr Serena Davidson. The two Thales representatives in the re-created photo are ex baggers of 849 NAS, Matt Avison and Paul Mullowney.

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