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Born in Singapore in 1963, I joined the Royal Navy in 1979 as a Junior Naval Air Mechanic. On completion of trade training in airframes and engines, I worked at RNAS Yeovilton on Lynx and Wessex 5 aircraft.

In 1981 I moved to RNAS Culdrose for front line service on 824 Squadron 'A' Flight working on Sea King Mk 2 aircraft.
While serving with 824 'A' Flight in 1982, I spent seven months on operations in the South Atlantic doing two tours of duty, for which I was awarded the South Atlantic Medal with rossett for service during the Falkland Islands Conflict.

In 1984 I joined 824 'D' Flight (later to become 849 'A' Flight). During my time on 849 'A' Flt, while embarked on HMS Illustrious, I was fortunate to return to my country of birth during the 'Global 86' tour.

In 1987 I was privileged to join the Instructional Staff at HMS Thunderer - RNEC Manadon in Plymouth, working for the Air Department.

In 1990, I returned to RNAS Culdrose for front line service on 810 Squadron 'Sea Flight'.

In 1994 I left the Royal Navy on a phase of voluntary redundancy. No going back (so I thought), but fond memories and life long friends.

After a 'gap year' as a house husband, I returned to the aviation environment in 1995 working for the MoD at RNAS Culdrose as an aircraft maintenance contractor.

In 1996, and having spent too many years suffering Cornish winters, I took up employment in the Middle East working for The Royal Air Force of Oman as an aircraft engineer and post maintenance test flight engineer on Bell 205/214 'Huey' aircraft.

I returned to the colder climates in 1999 to take up a 10 month Full Time Reserve Service contract with the Royal Navy at HMS Cambridge (never say never).

In 1999 I returned to the Middle East, taking up a job role as maintenance supervisor and quality control inspector for Royal Flight Helicopters of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A job which I relished, being accompanied by my family.

2003 and back to the cold again relocating to Somerset working on MoD contracts at RNAS Yeovilton for post desert maintenance on Sea King Mk4 aircraft.

In 2004 I was working for the British Army at AAC Middle Wallop as an airframes structures repair technician for Lynx aircraft but being somewhat disillusioned with the British Army work ethics, I returned to RNAS Yeovilton as a maintenance supervisor on Sea King aircraft.

In 2005 I started driving a desk working for Westland Helicopters as a Project Design Engineer for all Sea King Aircraft variants (I never knew there were so many).

After the 'end of service' of the RN/RAF Sea King, I moved within Westland/Agusta/Leonardo Helicopters to become a principal engineer providing design solutions and technical support for Lynx Wildcat, Apache, Merlin and all EH/AW 101 aircraft variants.

Having recently (2022), not mastered the "working from home" skills (negative banter), I have now resigned to being a house husband again, using my spare time to do whatever is necessary to keep me sane. This mainly involves keeping in touch with shipmates old and new, going on holidays and occasionally splicing the mainbrace.

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