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Joined RN May 1985 – having completed flying training joined 849 A Flt in May 88 serving in HMS Illustrious and then Invincible. Standard swap followed in March 90 and went over to 849 B Flt on HMS Ark Royal. QOI course followed and then a happy 2 years at 750 before completing the HWI course in Dec 93. Quick refresher then back to B Flt as HWI & TO. Following promotion spent 2 years with 8 Sqn RAF on exchange in the E3D Sentry leaving as a Fighter Allocator. Now in the 21st century it was back to 849 HQ as a QOI and OiC Mk 7 Full Mission Trainer.

June 2002 saw a move to B Flt as SOBs and the conversion to ASaC Mk 7. The obligatory stretch in HMP NCHQ on Whale Island lasting an agonising 18 months led to being selected for Command and after a refresher it was to my Alma Mater 849 A Flt as CO in Dec 2005. In Dec 06 we recommissioned as 854 NAS and I reluctantly gave up my seat in Jan 08 becoming Lt Cdr Training. A final tour at 849 as a gash QOI was followed by an extension of service for nearly 4 years to act as the last Deputy Force Commander Sea King seeing out the old bird.

Still in Cornwall and about to finally cut the RN strings as a Reservist in Oct 21. Happily retired enjoying Cornwall getting in some swimming and body boarding with my son when he’s back from Uni as well as some voluntary work locally.

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